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Synergy and Teams

Synergy is the power of teamwork to combine individual strength, to compensate for individual shortcomings, to magnify individual efforts, so that more and greater feats can be accomplished.

- Pat Williams VP Orlando Magic

Synergy is a moment when a team's striving, focus, and communication all come together and achieve a result far beyond the mere addition of the individual exertions. Those moments happen when strong talented individuals work in an open supportive environment and push for complete communication, build enthusiasm, and alignment of personal motivation to achieve a critical common goal.

When shared experience and learning build trust, interdependence is used to develop these moments into synergy as a way of life. An organization then generates incredible results.

The Character of Synergy and Teams teaches your key group the skills and qualities they need as individuals to build trust, enthusiasm, and alignment. They will also learn the level of engagement, generosity, and interdependence needed to create exceptional teamwork. These qualities foster renewal of creativity, focus, coordinated drive, and understanding that form a highly effective team. The synergy they develop will move your organization toward greatness.

Synergy is the highest activity of life; it creates new untapped alternatives.

- Stephen Covey