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Dynamics of Leadership

There are men whose presence infuses trust and reverence.
- George Eliot

Exceptional organizations are not just managed, they are created and lead by extraordinary leaders. A leader's character emanates as their state of being into the company and is the beacon that guides the organization. The energy, focus, commitment and vision in any organization generates from these qualities in the leader's character. The leader's thoughts, actions, and beliefs are mirrored throughout in personnel, policy, and business culture. Although a company is driven by the vision of its leader, it can rarely grow beyond their limitations.

Dynamics of Leadership provides the opportunity for leaders to look at the way their character creates their state of being and how those choices effect and guide those they lead. They will address how their limitations are the limits to the growth of their organization. New perspectives and character evolution skills will allow them to build new paths to personal and organizational excellence. Initiating personal change at the character level allows the participants to become more dynamic, visionary, exceptional leaders and expand their company’s opportunities and success.

As extraordinary leaders they will engage, focus, actualize and synchronize the total energy of their organization and move them to a new level of potential. Higher customer satisfaction, employee loyalty and profits will be the measurable end results.

What qualities of an extraordinary leader would you add to this list?

  • Accountable
  • Active
  • Approachable
  • Authentic
  • Authority
  • Aware of the details
  • Aware of the horizon
  • Balanced
  • Commitment
  • Conviction
  • Dignity
  • Direct
  • Enlisting
  • Excellent
  • Fair
  • Focused
  • Forthright
  • Generous
  • Global Perspective
  • Honest
  • Initiating
  • Insightful
  • Inspiring
  • Integrity
  • Intelligent
  • Listener
  • Open
  • Persuasive
  • Precise
  • Resolve
  • Resourceful
  • Respectful
  • Responsible
  • Solid
  • Speaker
  • Still and Unflappable
  • Strong
  • Trustworthy
  • Visionary
  • Wise

Character matters; leadership descends from character.
- Rush Limbaugh