Strategic Planning for expanding your business now

There are five key components to a great strategic plan.

The first step finds your highest level of energy for the end result. Why?… discovers your individual and organizational motivation and passion for involvement and commitment. Why do you show up every day? Why are you committed to striving for higher revenue? Why is excellence important to you and your customers? Why do your customers buy from you? Do they trust you? Do you strive to be authentic so that they know you well enough to say yes? Are you reliable? Is your product or service reliable? Why does it fill their need?

The second step designs the highest possible future state. What? … describes the current state and discovers your visionary future state that inspires. What do you want to accomplish? What do your customers want that you could provide? What do you understand of your customer’s future needs? What innovations would take the entire market you are in another direction and gain share? What goals give you the future you envision? What will you do today to reach your goals for this week, month, year, decade?

The third part discovers the process for accomplishment. How? … Defines the best methods, initiatives, timelines, and metrics for producing and measuring the future you have just envisioned. How will you accomplish your goals? How would you measure the outcomes? How will you build more capability into your company? If you were to plan to double the size of your revenue every year, how would you do things differently? (Not is it possible, but how would you do it?)

The fourth step enlists leaders and aligns energy with action and accomplishment. Who? … discovers your committed champions and teams for each required initiative, to instigate, inspire, guide, and check for timely action and completion. If not you who? Who will you bring into your company to be excellent with you? Who is the list of perfect character traits to fit with and grow your company? What skills will they need to know? Will they be smart, happy, ambitious, honest? How will you know before you say yes? This is where you commit to yourself to strive daily.

The fifth and final part of this journey determines Timing, check points and end points. When? …discovers your timing for intermediate progress reviews and for each initiative’s final completion. And finally the When of your future state renewal review and post analysis of the defined end results. Do you now have the future state What you envisioned and does it fulfill the Why yet? Is it time to renew your vision? This is the place where you commit to yourself to learn daily to be a little more excellent. Is there more I can accomplish and learn?

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