Executive Excellence

I have avidly studied the results and methods of business and organizational success. One author that I felt was worth deeper investigation was Jim Collins. His Good To Great and Built to Last combine to give us insight into the functioning and mechanisms of companies and thereby their executives with exceptional results.

I have had periods with long drives and being auditory listened to these books repeatedly for insight and inspiration. After a few reviews I found a question that bothered me. Jim Collins’ advice to all companies was to focus on their core competencies and market and not wander. However, he also said that GE was excellent in several industries. How could that be? Their main “hedge hog strategy” was developing excellent leaders. My understanding then is that leadership capability makes the difference between a “good” company and a great company with great results.

All the other methods Jim and his team discovered in the study of these rare organizations were designed and driven by each company’s leadership. This was good and supported my passion for working with good executives.

The difference between a good company and a Great company are the methods and leadership of the executives. I looked at what it would take for an executive to become great and realized that the methods I had evolved over the first decade of my coaching did that. These methods help executives become exceptional. As a result they guide their companies and organizations to greatness. The process is outlined below in the questions we will engage in answering. If you are interested in the learning about the process call and set up a conversation.

What are your ambitions?

What are your goals?

What do you tolerate?

What are your values?

When do you allow yourself to give up your values?

Do your accomplishments always rate a 10?

Do you understand why?

Do you understand being human deeply enough to recognize the state of those around you and the impact on your strategic goals?

Do you inspire?

Do you want more?

Are you ready to be exceptional?

Call or email us today for a free intake coaching session and take the first step.

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